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APPLICATIONS for 2019 Grants/Awards

Applications due by March 1, 2019. Get information about each grant by linking below

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***  RIMTA 2018 Students of the Year Award ****   

Ethan is an 8th grader at Deering MS in West Warwick. He was nominated by Cathy Boutin. An example of Ethan's well rounded approach to mathematics teaching and learning was when he taught standard deviation and went off the path toward a vocabulary lesson because, in his words, "How can we discuss standard deviation if we don't even know what deviation means?" In Ethan's words, "Mathematics is the key to opportunity, prosperity and ultimately, an easier life."

Luke is a senior at Chariho HS and was nominated by Bob Mayne. An example of Luke's grit and determination was how he doubled up in his Sophomore and Junior Years in order to be in a position to take AP Calculus his senior year - his goal prior to entering high school. When he began his high school career, he was not put in a position or track to engage in AP Calculus before graduation, but HE made that happen! In Luke's words: "The teachers throughout my life in math courses have taught me that math is something that I not only want in my life, but need; they have shown me how to derive my own future."

**** RIMTA 2018 Rookie of the Year Award ***** 
Derek LaBrie of Hope High School earned the Rookie of the Year award. He has instituted a blended learning mode l into his classes, and he has also gone above and beyond expectations by applying socio-emotional and restorative justice practices which he lp to enable students to become more successful.

*** RIMTA 2018 Outstanding Mathematics Teacher of the Year Award***
Melissa Schofield of Lincoln High School was named Outstanding Educator of the Year. Her nominator Paul Ruhle cited the amazing work she has done in Algebra II Honors preparing students for AP Calculus, as evidenced by the students ' scores. He often hears from former students that "she is such an awesome teacher."


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